How to add internal and external links to your page

Example: you want to add links to worksheets or tests

First you need to upload all .pdf files to the server:

  • Click on File Manager link

  • Create a new folder to organize your pdf files 

  • Now that you have a folder - open it to upload the files directly into it.

(double-click on the folder)

  • Once you are in your new folder - click "Upload files"

  • Browse to the file(s) on your computer. 
  • You can upload multiple files at the same time.

  • Your uploaded files will appear on the folder.

  • You can delete them or rename by right-clicking on the icon.

  • Exit File Manager

  • Highlight the text (word) that you want to link to the file.
  • Example:  chapter 1
  • Then go to the text editor and click on LINK button.

  • Select FILE option

  • Choose "File Manager" for a source.

  • Navigate to the folder with your files (double-click)

  • Choose a file

  • Click "Select"

  • You will be returned back to Link Editor window

  • Click OK

  • You are done. The link is there.

  • Don't forget to SAVE and PUBLISH to the web.

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