Very often the size of PDF or JPG files is too big. There are easy ways to optimize those files an reduce the size significantly. Here are some of them:

1. Open a pdf document in Adobe Acrobat

 Document > Reduce File Size
 It will save a copy of your document that os optimized for web.

2. Open a pdf document in Adobe Acrobat

Advanced > PDF Optimizer
You can manually reduce images file sizes by changing the resolution number. The lowest I'd go is 72 pixels/inch
Go to "Clean Up" option
Make sure you check "optimize the PDF for fast web view"

Note: Just a reminder - to convert a Word document into PDF -   File > Save As > PDF   :)

To optimize an image:

Open image in Adobe PhotoShop

File > Save for Web & Devices...

You will see a window like one of these.

Depending on the tab that is chosen....

I like to use 4-up tab. This is where you see the original image (and its file size) and three more options of this image with different degree (and quality) of optimization.

Compare the original file size and each of the optimized options. Decide between the smallest file size and acceptable quality. Remember that reducing the file size decreases the quality

You can adjust the setting manually:

Make sure the JPEG is set for photographs.

Choose Low, Medium or High Quality

... or use the Quality slider.

Then click "Save"

That's it!

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